Our studio develops innovative, high-end applications and games for various platforms. We integrate creativity and quality in everything we do.


Zhao Cards

We hired Zunaa to develop our first application, Zhao Shanghai, in 2011. They came recommended as a reliable and trustworthy company and right from the start we realized that the praise was rightly deserved. Their team showed a strong commitment to our project , in particularly the project manager who made sure all of our requirements were incorporated into the app. We were particularly pleased by the record time that they took to turn our idea into a proper application for iPhone. In less than three months we were selling our product in the App Store. I highly recommend Zunaa for top quality software development in record time!

-Marusia Musacchio

Director, Zhao Cards

Flying Machine

The execution of the briefing was extraordinary; our application exclusively for the iPad is user friendly and structurally sophisticated. The quality and rich graphics used are appealing. It was wonderful having outsourced the application development to Zunaa. They have shown utmost quality in their work and their commitment to work is appreciable.

Motion9 Studios

Our experience with Zunaa was indeed very resourceful. We had briefed them about our games for the iPhone and the iPad, from the first version to the latest updated version of Kinetic Balls; they have fulfilled what exactly we wanted to create. We’ve had six versions of the game for together for the iPhone and iPad and each version had better features to offer. It has been downloaded and played widely. They are definitely a young company with some serious dedication to their work which is reflected in their output

Tata Tiscon

Our application demanded urgency and excellent output, and Zunaa delivered the same but with better enhancement. Our dealers and top management were happy to work with application. The outlets and contact details of the dealers made it easy for the buyers to search on the iOS and Android phones. We are really happy to have associated with Zunaa and we look forward to associate in the future